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Stacey Lee, CEO of Stacey Lee AgencyMeet Stacey Lee
Founder and CEO, Stacey Lee Agency

Promotional Modeling Agency, Corporate Event Entertainment
Agency, Corporate Event Planning Agency for Tampa and Beyond

In 1989, entrepreneur Stacey Lee launched Stacey Lee Agency in Tampa with the intention of providing intelligent, educated, and sales-savvy trade show models, promo models, and other temporary staff to trade show exhibitors. With a background as a print model herself, Stacey knew that providing trained staff would put her many steps ahead of traditional modeling agencies, which tended to send firms requiring help at trade shows nothing more than “pretty faces.” She developed a professional staff training program and revolutionized the trade show industry by providing attractive yet intelligent staff who could enter a trade show booth already prepared to comfortably and confidently stand-in for representatives of a company with attendees being none the wiser.

With the trade show industry at the time centered in the Orlando area, Stacey Lee initially focused her Tampa-based agency’s effort there. As the industry expanded to other major cities such as Las Vegas and Chicago, Stacey followed suit, locating promotional models and trade show models in those and, ultimately, in other major cities across the country.

Since then, taking client feedback to heart, Stacey Lee has added new staff, new entertainers, and new services that have taken Stacey Lee Agency way beyond the booth—and way beyond Tampa Bay. Today, the Tampa-based agency provides staff for innumerable corporate events and promotional projects nationwide, from television commercials, dance revues, flash mobs, awards ceremonies, fundraisers, sales meetings, trade shows, conferences, marketing campaigns—you name it. And for those who believe that the devil is, indeed, in the details, but who lack either the time or inclination to manage the details themselves, Stacey Lee Agency also offers full-service corporate event planning and production for large and small events nationwide.

An entrepreneur at heart, Stacey also joined forces with a Tampa-based, international consulting firm specializing in accounts receivable solutions in 2005. As partner in that venture, she is privileged to represent several of the world’s largest and most prestigious creditors, including JP Morgan Chase and Citibank

"Our successful track record speaks for itself. Clients continually tell me that our staff and services are the single greatest resource a company can invest in. Add to that the fact that I really love what I do, and it certainly has been a great journey! I look forward to what tomorrow will bring, and to adding you to our roster of satisfied clients." –Stacey Lee