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Aerial Artists

Aerial Artists for Trade Shows, Expos, Conventions
When preparing for trade shows, expos, and similar events, clients often ask, “What can we do in our booth that will really draw crowds?” If you think about typical trade show attendees, you know that they tend to enter the venue and wander aimlessly among the booths, looking for products and services of interest. Now, imagine those same attendees entering the venue to immediately see, across the hall, high up in the air, an aerial artist, swinging and spinning and swaying and waving.

Where do you think they’ll head first?

Those newly entering attendees aren’t the only ones who will see your aerial artist, who is always visible to all attendees, from every corner and every aisle of the show. And that is the power of these corporate entertainers to draw attention to your booth. The pull is, in fact, so powerful, that companies using this trade show crowd-gathering technique have reported irritating representatives in nearby booths because large crowds—we drew over 1,000 ourselves during one 2010 show—tend to spill over into neighboring spaces to watch the act. The key to this technique is also to load your booth with enough trade show models or exhibit booth hosts and sales representatives to distribute promotional items and engage with visitors.

Sadieaerial - Aerial ArtistAerial Artists for Corporate Meetings, Parties, and Other Events
Aerial artists can also make a splash as your main corporate entertainers during corporate events such as grand openings, galas, team-building sessions, training sessions, rewards and recognition ceremonies, fund raisers, sales events, and more. Within our database, you will find all of the professional aerial talent you need, including swinging, static, and flying trapeze artists, tightrope artists, silk artists, strap artists, aerial dance artists, and more. While several of our top performers have starred with Cirque du Soleil, all are highly skilled, highly entertaining, and available for your corporate gatherings.

Aerial Artists Plus Corporate Event Planning for a Spectacular Event or Show
If you’re a corporate event planner with too much to do, or an individual who simply doesn’t have time to put together a large-scale corporate event involving aerial artists, then you will be glad to know that you can count on Stacey Lee Agency to plan and produce your event from conception to completion, when the last guest and/or performer goes home. We arrange indoor and outdoor events in the venue of your choice, including sound and lightening design if required. We can also coordinate with your existing theme or help you find the right theme for you. Please visit our corporate event planning and corporate event production pages to learn more about our corporate event planning and corporate event production services.

Next Step: Find Aerial Artists For Your Next Event
Stacey Lee Agency has streamlined the talent request and selection process with a customized online booking system. After you submit your details and share your thoughts about your aerial artist, an experienced human booking agent will search our database for the aerial artists we think will be a good match for you. We will then send you an e-mail when our search is complete, inviting you to log-in to our website to view artisan profiles, resumes, photos, video clips, demos, and more.

Have you already used our online booking system? Then there’s no need to register again. Simply log-in using the panel at right, and enter your requirements via the online dashboard. Not ready to register? Need assistance? Interested in both aerial artists and our corporate event planning services? Call us at toll-free at 800-807-7090, chat with us during business hours using the Live Support icon at right, or complete our Request a Quote form and we’ll get back with you very soon.