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Magicians & Hypnotists

Corporate Magicians Turn Clock-Watching Events into Show-Stopping Events!

In a world of staid corporate parties, meetings and other events that turn even the most patient of people into clock-watching yawners, corporate magicians and hypnotists bring a welcomed dose of excitement, laughter, and…well…magic! If you’re thinking of livening up an upcoming banquet, sales meeting, hospitality suite, trade show, awards ceremony, or fundraiser with the addition of corporate entertainers such as corporate magicians or hypnotist acts, then Stacey Lee Agency can help.

Our magicians—many of whom are multitalented corporate entertainers, illusionists, mentalists, jugglers, comedians, motivational speakers, and spokesmodels all in one—integrate your event’s theme and your company’s message into their routines while performing Vegas-style illusion shows and stand-up routines for large gatherings and close-up magic for small and intimate crowds. For unobtrusive entertainment, hire a strolling magician who mingles with your audience and performs feats of magic one-on-one.

If it suits your audience, your magician can bring audience volunteers or people you choose in advance into their acts.
  • Saw your CEO in half, or make him disappear! 
  • Levitate your CFO! 
  • See your sales manager suddenly appear in a puff of smoke! 
Shows can incorporate your firm’s products and messages, as well as female assistants, theatrical stage lighting and costume design—the spectacle you create for your event is entirely up to you.

Magicians also great trade show investments, attracting and entertaining trade show crowds while delivering sales-magic presentations that help to prequalify leads and deliver product information in a fun, non-threatening way. For best results, we recommend running magic shows regularly every 15 to 30 minutes so magicians can draw crowds, qualify leads, and direct them to your sales representatives.

Corporate Hypnotists for Full-Scale Corporate Extravaganzas
Experienced comedy hypnotists, appropriate for corporate entertainment and events, involve your event attendees in the fun with good taste and clean humor. Hypnotist shows can be as complex as you’d like, up to and including a full-scale, mesmerizing extravaganza complete with music, lighting, screen shows, costumes, and choreographed dance for an event that will stay with your audience long after the show is over.

Next Step: Find a Corporate Magician or Hypnotist for Your Event
If you desire, Stacey Lee Agency will work with you to customize the details of your event. To get started, use our customized online booking system. After you submit your requirements, an experienced human booking agent will search our database for magicians or hypnotists who meet your criteria. We will then send you an e-mail when our search is complete, inviting you to log-in to our website to view profiles, resumes, video clips, demos, and more.

Have you used our online booking system before? Then there’s no need to register again. Instead, simply log-in using the panel at right and enter your request through the online dashboard.

Not ready to register? Need assistance or complete corporate event planning services? Call us at toll-free at 877-752-6789, chat with us during business hours using the Live Support icon at right, or complete our Request a Quote form and we’ll get back with you promptly.