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Stilt Walkers

Stilt Walkers: Entertainers, Promotions Experts, and Marketers on Stilts

Towering high above the crowds, Stacey Lee Agency’s stilt-walking corporate entertainers will attract attention, stir excitement, and make your corporate event or trade show booth more memorable. Our quick-witted stilt walkers do more than just walk; they also act as corporate entertainers and promotions experts. They interact with your audience, emcee, provide product and company information, and deliver memorized sales presentations.

We have found that stilt walkers provide the best return on investment for corporate grand openings, trade shows, and other events where attendees tend to mill and mingle. As moving entertainment, one, two, or more stilt walkers skillfully work crowds, putting on mini-shows every few minutes. Many of our stilt walkers are also multi-talented jugglers and comedians who know how to entertain as well as engage.

Stacey Lee Agency can also bring to life your stilt-walking costume ideas or ours. Many stilt walkers have their own costumes and routines, but are glad to don a new outfit and prepare a new routine at your request. The possibilities are endless: choose among stilt-walking Uncle Sams, cowboys, Statues of Liberty, vampires, fairies, pirates, toy soldiers and more. Or, work with our expert costume designers to create a unique stilt-walking costume that perfectly reflects your company, product, or brand. Outfitted this way, your stilt walker becomes more than an entertainer; he or she becomes a promotions expert and brand marketer!

Next Step: Find Stilt Walkers for your Next Corporate Event
The most efficient way to find the right stilt walker or stilt walkers for you is to use our customized online booking system. After you register and submit your requirements, an experienced human booking agent will search our extensive talent database for stilt walkers who meet your criteria. We will then send you an e-mail when our search is complete, inviting you to log-in to our website to view stilt walker profiles, resumes, video clips, demos, and more.

Have you used our online booking system before? Then there’s no need to register again. Instead, simply log-in using the panel at right and enter your request through the online dashboard.

Not ready to register? Need assistance or a unique costume design for your stilt walkers? Call us at toll-free at 800-807-7090, chat with us during business hours using the Live Support icon at right, or complete our Request a Quote form and we’ll get back with you promptly.