Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors….Question: What Does Your Brand “Look” Like?
Answer: Your Brand Ambassadors! 

What one word best describes your brand? Is it sexy, cool, friendly, hip, professional, relaxed, or adventurous? For two decades, Stacey Lee Agency has been helping businesses like yours personify and carry the message of brand at trade shows, conventions, and other marketing events nationwide. We would love to do the same for you.

Brand Ambassador, Promotional Model: What’s the Difference? 
A brand ambassador is similar to a promotional model in that he or she greets prospective customers and distributes literature at your events. But a brand ambassador also spends time before engaging with the public to become intimately familiar with your industry, company, products, and product line. Your brand ambassador dons your company’s clothing or colors, answers detailed questions about your products, generates excitement and awareness, engages prospective customers, raises visibility, and creates positive vibes that tend to “stick” with your brand.

How Stacey Lee Agency Locates the Right Brand Ambassadors for Your Brand
When you register your request for one or more brand ambassadors, we search within our extensive talent database for individuals matching your criteria—height, gender, age, look, location, education—or recommend criteria based on the demographics of your target audience. And although matching your criteria to those of your brand ambassadors is essential, we also look for and recommend brand ambassadors with promotional experience at conventions, trade shows, or other promotional events. Depending on your requirements, your brand ambassadors can serve on a long-term basis at events across the country, or at a single local, regional, or national event.

Stacey Lee Agency’s polished brand ambassadors have successfully represented thousands of local, national, and global companies over the years, including Bing at the Sundance Film Festival and AT&T at the International Consumer and Electronics show in Las Vegas.

Next Step: Find Brand Ambassadors to Personify and Carry the Message of Your Brand
The fastest and easiest way to find the right brand ambassadors for your firm is to register your need for brand ambassadors in our online booking system. If you’ve registered with Stacey Lee Agency before, simply log-in using the panel at right and then enter your request on your dashboard. A real person will quickly search our nationwide database for experienced brand ambassadors who meet your criteria. Talent identified, we will then place those search results into a secure, online portal and send you an e-mail so you can log-in to view potential ambassadors’ profiles, demos, video clips, comp cards and more.

Have you already used our online system? Then there’s no need to register again; simply log-in using the panel at right and enter your new request using the online dashboard.

Not ready to register? Need assistance? Want to speak to a live booking agent? Call us at toll-free at 800-807-7090, chat with us during business hours using the Live Support icon at right, or complete our Request for Quote form and we’ll get back to you promptly.