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By hiring promo models, not only do you free your core staff to perform more critical duties, whether in the office or at the event; you also gain as many extra sets of hands as you need to offer product samples, draw attention to your products, and generally represent your company with a smile. Promo models also help potential buyers “see” an association between your brand and characteristics you want your brand to portray, such as beauty, health, sex appeal, durability, or professionalism.

Some promotional models also add sizzle to your booth or event by playing games and conducting contests, posing for photo opportunities with prospective customers, or strolling the circuit dressed in your clothing. Recently, as trade shows and conventions have started to prohibit promotional models from walking the show while wearing placards and signs, promotional models are filling a new role as walking “canvases,” wearing a company’s logo as art that has been painted directly onto their bodies. Where there’s a will to advertise, there’s a way!

Promotional Models, Trade Show Hosts, Product Demonstrators, Models – Whats the Difference?
When you think models, think Naomi Campbell, Elle Macpherson, and Adriana Lima; most firms generally hire models for fashion, print, and catalog purposes rather than for trade shows and live events. Promotional models tend to cater to trade shows and other corporate promotional events. Unlike product demonstrators, promotional models do not spend time in advance becoming familiar with your product. Nor are they equipped to answer product questions; instead, promotional models pass out materials and direct inquiries to your sales staff. However, if you would like your promotional models to become familiar with your industry, company or product in advance, please let us know, as a segment of our promotional models, also skilled at convention and trade show sales interactions and able to speak intelligently to clients and prospective clients if you desire, also serve as brand ambassadors and product demonstrators.

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