Street Teams

Street Teams…Tap the Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing with Street Teams
Companies typically hire street teams, generally groups of 50 to 100 promotional models, to either stay in one venue or to be transported from place to place to hand out promotional goodies and represent a product, service, or brand in public locations—at malls, train stations, or on busy streets—anywhere you might find large gatherings.

Stacey Lee Agency has provided streets teams across the country for single and nationwide events and for a variety of companies and associations. In some recent examples, we provided street teams for:

  • The WWF, which regularly hires teams to wander outside of convention centers, handing out coupons and WWF promotional products
  • Bing and AT&T, both of whom hired Stacey Lee Agency street teams in groups of 60 to 70; the teams, assembled for a major Las Vegas consumer electronics show and dressed in their respective company’s clothing, were driven from location to location to create a stir and hand out promotional items for the two brands
  • Mountain Dew, which used a bus to drive cross-country for a special promotion, stopping from city to city and being met by Stacey Lee Agency’s promotional models. who rode the bus in their city, hopping out at strategic locations to distribute free product samples

Because special sales talent is not required, Stacey Lee Agency typically recommends younger men and women for street teams, as younger people equal higher energy and lower hourly rates. Lower rates mean that our fees are extremely competitive—and that smaller businesses can also use this grassroots promotional tactic with great success.

Create a Flash Mob: Take the Street Team Concept Further
Stacey Lee Agency can also help you assemble teams and devise choreography for flash mobs—or groups of people who gather together suddenly in public places to perform a prearranged, timed act and then quickly disperse as if nothing happened. Mashable has gathered together a collection of 15 famous flash mob videos that do a much better job explaining the concept than anything we write could ever convey!

Next Step: Find Local, Regional, and National Talent for Your Street Teams or Flash Mobs
Assembling a group of 50 or more people doesn’t have to be a daunting task. To make your job easier, Stacey Lee Agency streamlines the request and selection process with a customized online booking system. After you submit your promotion’s details and your ideas for your street team, an experienced human booking agent will search our database for the street team and promotional models we think will be a good match for you. We will then send you an e-mail when our search is complete, inviting you to log-in to our website to view talent profiles, resumes, photos, video clips, demos, and more.

Have you already used our online booking system? There’s no need to register again; simply log-in using the panel at right and submit your request from the online dashboard.

Not ready to register? Need assistance? Want to speak to a live booking agent? Or would you like us to do the work of selecting talent and assembling your street team or flash mob for you? Call us at toll-free at 800-807-7090, chat with us during business hours using the Live Support icon at right, or complete our Request a Quote form and we’ll get back with you very soon.