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Actors & Actresses

Hire Actors, Actresses, and Voice Talent 
In search of experienced actors or voice talent for your commercial, audio book, voiceover, radio spot, or film, theater, or television production? Look no further; Stacey Lee Agency has the right talent for your project no matter where you’re located, with actors and voice talent available coast to coast, from the Tampa Bay area to Los Angeles, from Las Vegas to Chicago, from Orlando to Miami, and everywhere in between.

Need Actors? Get Experienced Actors—not Models
In deciding whether to represent and place actors, we look first at their acting experience—and we don’t consider speaking “a few lines” once or twice to count as acting experience! We also realize that promo models and convention models are not actors. We’ve learned that placing models into acting roles rarely results in a successful production, which is why when you request actors and voice talent, that’s who we send: actors and voice talent, not promo models or convention models. The actors, actresses, and voice talent we provide are experienced professionals who know what they’re doing, know what you need, and know what is required for a successful production.

You may have seen Stacey Lee Agency actors and actresses in recent community productions and television commercials, including those for a national tire company and:

(Click the highlighted links to see the available videos.)

Next Step: Find Television, Theater, Film, or Voice Talent for Your Project 
The fastest and easiest way to find the right actor or voice talent for you is to register your production or project in our online booking system. If you’ve already registered an event or project with Stacey Lee Agency, then simply log-in by using the panel to the right of your screen and enter your new request from your dashboard. An experienced human agent will quickly search our nationwide database for actors, actresses, or voice talent who meet your criteria, and then place search results into a secure, online portal. We’ll send you an e-mail when your information is ready, so you can log-in to view talent profiles, demos, video clips, comp cards and more.

Not ready to register? Need assistance? Want to speak to a live booking agent? Call us at toll-free at 877-752-6789, chat with us during normal business hours by using the Live Support icon to the right, or complete our Request for Quote form—someone will get back to you promptly.