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Corporate Event, Entertainment, Special Event and Show Production

Corporate Event Production Services

We Produce Your Event; You Take All the Credit!

Your upcoming corporate event is planned. Theme? Check. Invitations? Check. Venue choices? Check. Table arrangements? Check. Speakers? Check. Serving staff? Check. Entertainment? Check. Lighting? Check. Menu? Check. Budget set and approved? Check.

Now it's time to find the resources and people who will bring your event to life. Stacey Lee Agency has been planning and producing exciting nationwide corporate shows and events for 20 years--we know exactly what it takes to pull together all the details and all the people and all the resources in just the right way, at just the right time, to put on a seemingly effortless event that pleases even the most persnickety--and makes you look good in the process!

Stacey Lee Agency: a One-Stop Source for All the Event Talent and Services You Need
As much as we dislike using the term, Stacey Lee Agency truly is a “one-stop shopping” experience. Unlike many promotional modeling agencies and talent agencies that outsource corporate event planning and production services, and unlike many corporate event planners and producers that outsource the acquisition of event staff, corporate entertainers, celebrity impersonators, promotional models, and other talent, Stacey Lee Agency provides it all—the talent, staff, resources, and planning and production services—under a single umbrella. This makes things much easier for you, as you deal with only one vendor. And in the event that some small service must be outsourced, we handle the outsourcing for you.

Corporate Event Planning, Corporate Event Production: What’s the Difference?
When people ask us about the difference between corporate event planning services and corporate event production services, we usually explain that corporate event planning involves capturing the details of your event on paper, from the largest to the smallest detail, from the venue and main corporate event entertainment to itinerary development to table settings, balloons, and floral arrangements. Corporate event production, on the other hand, is bringing the plan to life: working with and engaging the people and resources that handle stage production, sound production, catering, valet—whatever and whomever is needed to bring your event to fruition on the big night.

Stacey Lee Agency ensures that your event is successful by understanding your goals from the start, by tapping our skilled and dedicated staff, by leveraging our rich and deep network of reliable vendors, and by strong, compelling programming—the kind that comes only from experience.

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